Te Whāriki is a residential subdivision located in the heart of Lincoln. Sections are currently available for sale within the development.

Te Whāriki is a residential development located in the heart of Lincoln with titled sections currently available.

Upon completion this joint venture between Ngāi Tahu Property and Lincoln University will include over 900 homes, reserves, parks, walkways and cycle paths all within walking distance of the established township. Quality, diversity of design and aesthetics are key components of the masterplan.

The physical positioning of the new community – between Lincoln University and the existing Lincoln township – brings a strong sense of togetherness to the whole community.

New recreational parks and retail services will enhance existing Lincoln facilities and provide improved lifestyle options for new and existing residents.

Te Whāriki has been built to the latest sustainability and building standards. It will have a positive effect on revitalising the existing urban areas by:

  • Reducing land consumption
  • Reducing vehicular dependence
  • Promoting pedestrian activity
  • Improving air quality
  • Decreasing polluted storm water runoff
  • Building a more liveable and sustainable environment.

The village design features a significant network of walking tracks along with on-road and off-road cycle paths.

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