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Lincoln University and Ngāi Tahu Property Joint Venture


Lincoln University and Ngāi Tahu Property Joint Venture

Located just a short stroll from the heart of Lincoln, Te Whāriki is a stunning development  located within the Selwyn district.

The name Te Whāriki refers to the ‘floor mat’ or lake bed of Te Waihora (Lake Ellesmere) home to the rich wetland and lake community that once extended to the doorstep of Lincoln. It symbolises a place for all to gather and meet, as a whāriki is a woven floor mat. The residential development connects and weaves together the current township of Lincoln and the Lincoln University.

The conception of Te Whāriki was back in 2006, it began under the right of first refusal requirement relating to the disposal of surplus Crown land.  Lincoln University notified Ngāi Tahu of its intention to sell dairy farm land it owned on the south-western edge of Lincoln Township.  It was then in 2007 that Ngāi Tahu Property  and Lincoln University formed a joint venture (JV) to develop the land as a residential community with the vision of linking the township and the University together.

The development has many features one of which is living waterways promoting wild life and to assist in clearing stormwater run-offs from roads, gardens and other land surfaces.

Walking and cycling is also encouraged, reducing noise, emissions and energy requirements of the residents.

Whether it is connecting to the rest of Lincoln, the University, public transport, or the commercial centre, the scenic walkways and cycleways offer the best method of getting around.

Te Whāriki has grown to be regarded as a well-designed, high quality, sustainable subdivision which fulfils both Ngāi Tahu Property  and the University’s long-held wish for a physical link between the campus and the township.